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The Average Home Age In Michigan Is Over 30 Years Old

According to the Michigan State Housing Development Authority, the average home age in Michigan is 36 years old.

Even our most prized possession eventually gives in to time. Whether, your rooms just don't quite have the spunk they once did, you've experienced structural damage, or environmental issues are plaguing your home, it eventually gives in. This is where we can help.

Our staff at WPM supports the industry professionals that help preserve our homes and neighborhoods on a daily basis. The local realtor, the interior designer, the many property managers, even the local city and county healthy home departments. We're right there, helping these folks do what they do best, serve you!

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We Preserve Michigan Residential Services provides construction, remodeling, and maintenance services in the Greater Detroit Area. We work diligently to capture the needs and desires of each customer, residential service businesses and home owners alike. Let's share an idea, and preserve it in your home.

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